Письмо с благодарностью другу по переписке на английском

Решение задания по английскому языку 8 класс. Тренировочные упражнения в формате ОГЕ ГИА Английский в фокусе 8 класс Ваулина. Модуль 1 задание 14.
Вы только что приехали из Англии, где вы остановились в доме вашего друга по переписке. Напишите ему / ей благодарственное письмо. Напишите 60-70 слов.
Dear John,
I want to say thank you for having me in your house. I am very happy that we had opportunity to know each other better. I had a great time spending it with you and your family. The meals which your mum prepared were very delicious and tasty. Especially, when I am thinking about roasted turkey which your mum made, makes my mouth water. I am grateful for the excursions you organized for me. I have read a lot about sights in London but seeing them with your own eyes means a lot. I hope that next year you will be able to come to Russia and stay at my place.
Looking forward to seeing you again.
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