You've got a letter from your friend

Решение задание из тренировочных упражнений в формате огэ гиа по английскому языку 8 класс. Английский в фокусе.
Модуль 1 Задание 15
Задание: Вы получили письмо от вашего друга. Напишите ей / ему письмо и ответьте на ее / его четыре вопроса. Напишите 100-120 слов.
Важны ли правила этикета в вашей стране? Как россияне приветствуют знакомых? Как они приветствуют друзей и родственников? Что делать иностранцу, когда он посещает русскую семью?
Dear William,
Etiquette rules are very important in Russia. Men usually greet each other with a handshake. When women meet, they kiss on the cheek three times. When I meet my friends and relatives, I always greet women with kissing their hands and I greet men with a handshake.
If foreigner visits a Russian family, male guests are expected to bring flowers for women. A little gift or souvenirs are welcomed too. Russians often protest when they are offered a gift. Reply that it is a little something and offer the gift again. I am sure it will generally be accepted. Russians are great hosts and love entertaining guests in their homes. They will often put more food on the table than can be eaten to indicate there is an abundance of food. Guests who leave food on their plates honor their host. It means they have eaten well.
Write back soon.
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