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Ответы к проверке знаний из модуля 7, progress check 7 spotlight 6 класс Ваулина

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    Write the opposites.
    Fill in the gaps with the right word.
    I felt p when the man spoke to me in Chinese.
    He never smiles. He's such a m man.
    She's leaving for Paris tomorrow. She's soe .
    Karen hasn't come back from work yet. I'm getting w .
    After working all day in the garden, Tim felt very t .
    1. We went to the cinema last Sunday.
    2. She had a cold a week ago.
    3. It was a beautiful day yesterday.
    4. I saw Carol on the bus last Tuesday.
    5. They travelled to London a month ago. When was Einstein born?
    When did Einstein die?
    What was Einstein famous for?
    Where was Einstein from?