Test 2a

A. Вставьте слова в предложения: desperate, distressed, underweight, brittle, examination, infections, guilty, additives, prescription, portions.
1) Consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers of additives in foods.
2) Lack of calcium can cause your bones to become brittle.
3) Julia had an eating disorder and was severely underweight.
4) He had to undergo a routine medical examination when he joined the army.
5) The doctor wrote me a prescription for some tablets and cough medicine.
6) The restaurant was famous for the huge portions it served customers.
7) Ear infections can be intensely irritating and very painful.
8) The town was in desperate need of food and medical supplies after the earthquake.
9) Connie felt guilty after the offensive comments she made about Anna.
10) The actress was deeply distressed by the bad reviews of her latest film.

B. Заполните графы с использованием слов: medical, health, mood, body, dairy
1) health benefits
2) dairy products
3) medical attention
4) mood swings
5) body image

C. Fill in: over, from, with, to, after.
1) Ben looks after his little sister when his parents go out.
2) Cathy came down with measles at the weekend.
3) You must tell your doctor if you are allergic to certain antibiotics.
4) Anita has a brother who suffers from heart disease.
5) It took Frank a long time to get over the shock of his brother’s death.

D. Change into reported speech using: forbid, allow, order, suggest, remind, beg. Begin your sentences with: He.
1 He begged me to help him.
2 He allowed me to go to the party.
3 He reminded me to call Steve.
4 He forbade me to eat in the classroom.
5 He suggested going/that we go to the cinema.

E. Read the text and complete gaps 1-7 with the correct form and tense of the verb in capitals.
With Clenched Teeth
“Mr Reynolds is ready 1)to see you now, Mr Lawrence,” said the cheerful receptionist. My stomach tightened as I smiled back politely. Although the appointment was only for a check-up, I was afraid that it 2) would not be as painless as I had hoped. As I got up to follow the receptionist, I visualised my upcoming holiday to try and relax. I thought to myself, “This time next month, I 3) will be lying on a beautiful beach in Spain.” Then, regrettably, I came back to reality when I 4) heard the receptionist’s voice. She led me to the surgery and I sat in the uncomfortable chair, trembling with hidden fear. While I 5) was waiting, I couldn’t help but notice all the instruments neatly laid out beside me. Nevertheless, I knew there was no point in 6) getting stressed. “Good to see you again,” said the dentist. “Let’s have a look,” he added happily. “Hmm. 7) Have you thought of getting your teeth whitened? They’re a bit stained, but other than that, they are in perfect condition.” I was so happy that I nearly cried. No drills! No injections! No pain! A wave of relief swept over me as I shut my eyes and said, “Sounds great.”

F. Read the text and complete gaps 1-6 with the correct derivative of each word in capitals.
The Benefits of Cooking
While cooking is not very popular with people who have a hectic lifestyle, the benefits of preparing your own meals are 1) endless. People who are pressed for time often eat out or order takeaway food. However, these choices may also be quite 2) expensive and the ingredients they contain are typically high in fat, making them extremely 3) unhealthy. Home-cooked meals, on the other hand, offer many benefits. For one thing, you can control the ingredients and portions. You have a greater 4) variety in your diet, which is essential in watching your weight and reducing the risks of a number of diseases. Cooking on a 5) daily basis does not have to be a laborious task. All it takes is a bit of planning, organisation and determination. Preparing your own meals might be a challenge, but it is certainly not 6) impossible. The key is experimenting and testing different kinds of food. After a while, you will be able to confidently prepare a wide range of meals and enjoy yourself at the same time.

G. Read the text. For gaps 1-7, choose A, B, C or D to complete each gap correctly. Circle the answer you choose.
Ответы: 1-A; 2-C; 3-B; 4-A; 5-D; 6-A; 7-B
Healthy Living
With more and more people trying to 1) control their weight, the need for dieticians has increased significantly over the past few years. As a dietician, I work with people of all ages. I usually advise them how to maintain healthy eating 2) habits. The best part of my job is educating people about the importance of good nutrition. I work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and schools, where I develop nutrition programmes and meal plans. I also work with people who have special dietary needs. For example, I create special diets for diabetics and help them 3) reduce their blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, I often have to deal with teenage girls who have a lack of self-esteem when it comes to their 4) ideal body image. Many young women believe that they are unattractive or worthless. To make matters worse, they are 5) led to believe that all their weight problems will be solved if they go on low-calorie diets. Some of them come to my office and burst 6) into tears because they want to lose weight even though they are not fat. Of course, the media are said to be partly responsible for the rise in severe eating disorders in recent years because they often offer 7) false information about healthy weight loss. Despite all the difficulties, however, being a dietician is very fulfilling as I help people improve their overall health and quality of life.

Test 2b

H. Вы собираетесь прочитать статью о типе диеты. Прочитайте текст и выберите правильные части предложений (A-G), чтобы заполнить пропуски 1-6. Есть одна дополнительная часть предложения, которую Вы не должны использовать. Напишите свои ответы в таблице.
Ответы: 1-B; 2-D; 3-F; 4-C; 5-E; 6-G
During recent years, people have become obsessed with their weight. The desire of people to look like their favourite movie star or supermodel has prompted an almost endless list of celebrity-endorsed diets. Actress Jodie Foster says ‘Yes!’ to the Beverly Hills Diet, Kylie Minogue uses the Montignac Diet and Sarah-Michelle Gellar even gives a thumbs up to a Cabbage Soup Diet! But no nutritional programme has gained quite so much attention as the world-famous Atkins Diet.
Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just a few of the personalities 1)who have tried the diet. So what is ‘Atkins’, why does it have such a high-profile following and, more importantly, is it safe? The basic idea of the diet is quite simple. Atkins dieticians claim that carbohydrates are the reason 2) why we put on weight. These included foodstuffs such as flour and sugar, like you would find in a cake. Our bodies burn carbohydrates first. So the Atkins scientists say that if we cut down on these carbohydrates, our bodies will search for other forms of energy to burn instead. When our bodies burn fat, we naturally become less hungry, 3) so we start to lose weight.
Not everybody thinks 4) that Atkins is the best way to lose weight, through. Several nutritionists have said that the diet upsets the balance of fruit and vegetable intake 5) which they think is necessary for us to stay healthy. The human body needs a variety of minerals and vitamins and these should be part of any diet. It is also thought that the Atkins diet is too low in fibre, which is mainly found in bread, cereals and potatoes. There is wide scientific agreement that lack of fibre can cause serious stomach problems. However, an Atkins spokesman has rejected claims made about flaws in the diet. He agrees that the intake of fruit and vegetables is reduced at the beginning of the diet, 6) but there is still a healthy amount that is slowly increased. Dieters also are encouraged not to neglect fibre and the Atkins website advertises a special range of bread and cereals which ensure that a person’s nutritional needs are met.
A number of scientific studies back the claim that Atkins is a good way to lose weight quickly as noticeable results can easily be seen after a short length of time. Life in the limelight is very likely the reason that celebrities choose to use this diet, but if you are considering trying it, you should consult a doctor first. Atkins is only successful if it is well-planned, nutritious and includes regular exercise.

Writing - Part 2
Прокомментируйте следующее утверждение.

Many people believe that being famous is very fulfilling because it offers a rich and glamorous lifestyle.

Almost everybody dreams of being well known, and having the luxurious lifestyle that goes along with it. However, I have never felt that being famous is necessarily a good thing.
First of all, there are many famous people in the world who are well-known but certainly do not lead rich, glamorous lives. Nelson Mandela, for example, must be one of the most famous people in the world, but he lives a quiet life with his extended family and he has never shown any desire to be rich. Another famous person who lived in a very simple way was Mother Teresa, who spent most of her life helping the poor and sick in India.
It is also true to say that not all rich people want to advertise their wealth. While it is probably true that such people have very comfortable lives, they avoid the sort of publicity that would show them leading glamorous lifestyles.
Of course, many famous people from the world of entertainment, such as models, singers and film-stars, actually want to be at the centre of attention because this helps them in their careers. As a result, glossy magazines publish photographs of these people enjoying themselves on expensive yachts and at top-class restaurants, and this sort of publicity makes us think that these people must have wonderful, exciting lives. What the photographs do not show is what these famous people actually think of their lifestyles. We do not know whether they are happy or not.
To conclude, I do not think we should believe all we read about so-called famous people. For some of these people it may be more of a curse than a blessing for everyone to know who you are. Those who really deserve to be called famous put other people before themselves and do not look for riches or glamorous lifestyles.