Test 1a

A. Fill in: estimated, wandering, opening, opportunity, crowded, bumpy, reputation, volunteers, condition, crept.
1)The play’s opening night was a huge success.
2)I had the opportunity to go to Paris and study.
3)The thief crept around the house without making a noise.
4)The company has a reputation for high-quality service.
5)Her fortune was recently estimated at £37 million.
6)By 10 am, the city streets were noisy and crowded.
7)Driving over the bumpy road made her feel quite sick.
8)We spent the entire day wandering around the zoo.
9)Two of the burns victims were still in critical condition last night.
10)Mike Maxwell volunteers at a shelter for the homeless.

B. Complete the phrases with the following words: tight, heart, package, rough, exchange.
1) package deal
2) tight budget
3) rough seas
4) exchange programme
5) heart defect

C. Fill in: off (x2), with, for, on.
1 Nancy is very keen on playing tennis.
2 Jamaica is famous for its beaches and warm climate.
3 The plane took off on time and we arrived in London at 2:30.
4 She is obsessed with her weight and keeping fit.
5 When I left for Europe, Tony came to see me off at the airport.

D. Соедините предложения
1) John, who is a magician, is my cousin.
2) York is a city which is in the north of England.
3) Mark Jacobs is the author whose book became a best seller.
4) Dennis is going to Paris where he will visit the Eiffel Tower.
5) This is the piano which/that he bought at an auction.

E. Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-7 с правильной формой и временем каждого глагола.
A Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity
Dogs have been man’s best friends for centuries. Even today, they 1) are not just companions, but also the only means of travel for many people who live in the Arctic. In parts of Greenland, for instance, dog sledding still 2) plays a major role in people’s lives as an essential mode of transport during the winter and spring.
Although dog sledding 3) was developed hundreds of years ago and was used for hunting and travel, today it is mainly used to promote tourism, especially through sled tours. Dog sledding is one of the best ways for visitors to enjoy the amazing arctic scenery. Most people may 4) have read about dog sledding, but actually experiencing it is completely different. In fact, many countries in the Arctic Circle 5) have been organising dog sled tours for decades. Some of them include catching a glimpse of icebergs and glaciers by day, and 6) sleeping in tents on the sea ice at night.
A visit to the Arctic region is a life-long dream for many travellers. Dog sledding tours have a thrill and excitement that is incomparable to other adventure holidays. Without a doubt, dog sledding 7) wil continue to fascinate tourists in the future.

F. Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-6 с правильной формой и временем каждого глагола.
Underwater Hockey
Underwater hockey, or Octopush, is a fast-paced 1) competitive sport played at the bottom of a swimming pool. It was invented by divers in England and it is 2) quickly becoming a sport that is drawing a lot of attention. Players wear a diving mask, fins, 3) protective gloves and a snorkel. Playing underwater hockey is quite challenging. The object of the game is to use a small stick to push the puck into a tray which acts as the opponents’ goal. Knowing when to dive and when to return to the surface for air is part of the game’s strategy. Although there are ten 4) players in each team, only six are allowed in the water. As a result, player substitutions can happen at any time, increasing the speed and 5) excitement of the game. Underwater hockey is growing in 6) popularity and is a very exciting team water sport.

G. Прочитайте текст и вставьте в графы нужные слова
Working towards a Dream
Most of us have fantasised about meeting our favourite actor, and I’m no different. Although I’m still in high school, I often dream of making films in New York City alongside one of Hollywood’s superstars. I also have a 1) reputation for being quite ambitious and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I joined the school’s drama club. The drama club taught me a great deal about theatrical productions and has also 2) worked wonders for my acting skills. Our school has a long tradition in drama and theatrical performances. In fact, our drama club works together with professional theatre companies that 3) run workshops for our drama students. Last year, our school staged Oliver Twist and I was Nancy. Performing in front of a live audience is one of the most intense feelings I have 4) ever experienced in my life. This year our annual school production will be Romeo and Juliet and I will play the 5) part of Juliet! Performing Shakespeare is not easy, especially Romeo and Juliet which is 6) set in Italy in the 1500s. Nevertheless, we are all extremely excited as we know that the 7) auditorium will be packed with people! I don’t expect to become a star overnight, of course, but I do hope we keep the audience entertained and amused! Ответы: 1-B; 2-D; 3-C; 4-A; 5-C; 6-A; 7-B

Test 1b

Ответы: 1-D; 2-C; 3-C; 4-A; 5-A; 6-B; 7-D
1 The writer says that ‘contrary to popular belief’,
A more Hollywood films are made than Bollywood films.
B more Bollywood films are made that Hollywood films.
C more people see Hollywood films each year.
D more people see Bollywood films each year.

2 The writer says that the films
A cannot be understood by most people nowdays.
B have always been in Hindi and this will continue.
C increasingly use the English language.
D do not reflect the variety of languages spoken in India.

3 The writer thinks that a common element of Bollywood films is
A comedy scenes.
B action scenes.
C musical sequences.
D that there are no common elements.

4 The writer says the films are long in order to
A ensure good value for money. .
B provide a complex plot.
C get bigger audiences.
D get the audience to spend more money on tickets.

5 The ‘they’ the writer refers to in line 23 are
A young actors and actresses.
B Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
C producers.
D casting agents.

6 The writer seems to think that Shilpa Shetty
A was foolish to turn down roles on British television.
B is an attractive and gifted actress.
C should shoot more films in India.
D is a bigger success in the UK than she is in India.

7 According to the writer, Bollywood is still becoming popular in
A Eastern Europe.
B Russia.
C Africa and Asia.
D Western Europe and the Americas.

Writing - Part 1.
(Suggested Answer)
Dear Brian,
Thanks for your letter. Now that I know you have a mobile phone, we can text each other! It sounds like we have more in common than I thought. My friends and I also enjoy doing different things in our spare time. We like to play sports during the week. We usually play tennis or football, depending on how many people there are. At the weekend, we go out. Our favourite place to go is the cinema to watch the latest films. Comedies are our favourites. Most teenagers here relax by spending time with their friends at coffee shops.
How was the birthday party for your brother? Was he surprised? How many people came?
Write soon,
Перевод текста:
Удивительный Болливуд
'Голливуд' - общеизвестное имя. Этот небольшой район Лос-Анджелеса, Калифорния - центр американской киноиндустрии и причины продажи более чем 2.6 миллиардов билетов кино каждый год. Большинство фильмов, которые мы смотрим, являются ли они боевиками блокбастера или малобюджетными драмами, появляется прямо из Голливуда. Но Вы когда-либо слышали о 'Болливуде'? 'Болливуд' - имя, данное языковой киноиндустрии хинди, базирующейся в Мумбаи, Индия. Противоречащий широко распространенному мнению, это далеко выигрывает у Голливуда. В прошлом году один, более чем 1000 фильмов были созданы, и 4 миллиарда билетов кино были проданы, показав, что индийское кино намного более сильно, чем люди думают.
Многие вероятные болливудские поклонники часто обеспокоены, что не будут в состоянии понять язык, используемый в фильмах. Но нет никакой потребности волноваться. Хотя сценарии были исторически написаны на хинди, все больше фильмов использует английский язык, проявляя уважение Индии к языкам, которые составляют его культуру. Вы также найдете, что большинство фильмов идет с английскими языковыми подзаголовками. 'Языковой барьер' не должен мешать зрителю обладать некоторыми первоклассными фильмами.
Таким образом, что Вы выходите из болливудского фильма? Очень трудно определить фильм как принадлежащий определенной категории, потому что нет такой вещи как типичный болливудский фильм. Индийцы склонны описывать фильмы при помощи хиндустанского слова, ‘Masala’ (значение ‘смеси специи’). Заговоры иногда сосредотачиваются на драме любовного треугольника, но они могут также быть заполнены комедией смеха вслух или краем Вашего действия места. Единственная гарантия - то, что болливудский фильм не будет заканчиваться без нескольких броских песен и танцевать установленный порядок.
Много болливудских фильмов более чем три часа длиной. Некоторые люди могли бы думать, что это слишком длинно, но есть хорошее объяснение. Вы были бы прощены за размышление, что это происходит из-за сложных основных сюжетных линий, но кинокомпании заявляют, что это намного более просто, чем это. Они говорят, что цель не состоит в том, чтобы потянуть в более многочисленных зрителях, но дать Вам, аудитории, Вашему 'денежному эквиваленту'. Если Вы собираетесь потратить хорошие деньги на билет, фильм должен быть захватывающим, забавным, страшным, драматическим, музыкальным … Что-либо, что Вы хотите!
Как в Голливуде, нет никакой нехватки стремящихся молодых актеров и актрис, надеющихся получить роль в следующем блокбастере. Они отправляются в Мумбаи с, мечтает стать звездами. Кинопродюсеры важной шишки и бросающие агенты всегда высматривают новый талант. Конечно, подавляющее большинство никогда не 'добиваются успеха', но есть несколько исключений. У Индии есть свой собственный Брэд Питтс и Анджелина Джолис – захватывающие актеры, которые составляют спектакли, в котором участвуют только звезды и гарантируют, чтобы у Вас был действительно приятный опыт просмотра!
Shilpa Shetty - прекрасный пример болливудской суперзвезды. Рисунок красоты и сырого действующего таланта, она добилась успеха вне границ Индии, прежде всего в Великобритании после ее появления на телесериале 'Шоу "Большой Брат" со звездами'. С тех пор она выключила роли в нескольких британских сериалах. Вместо этого она возвратилась в Мумбаи и продолжает стрелять в фильмы в земле, которая сделала ее звездой.
Болливуд не только для индийской аудитории. Хотя требовалось много времени, чтобы стать популярным в других странах, Болливуд чрезвычайно популярен в России и Восточной Европе. И хотя числа аудитории в Западной Европе и Америках только теперь растут, она уже покорила Африку и Азию. Когда мировое кино изменяется, не становитесь оставленными позади. Как только Вы входите в Болливуд, Вы никогда не будете хотеть прекращать смотреть.

Оригинал текста:
The Wonder of Bollywood
‘Hollywood’ is a household name. This small district of Los Angeles, California is the centre of the American film industry and the reason for the sale of over 2.6 billion cinema ticket every year. Most of the films we watch, whether they are blockbuster action films or low-budget dramas, come straight out of Hollywood. But have you ever heard of ‘Bollywood’? ‘Bollywood’ is the name given to the Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai, India. Contrary to popular belief, it far outperforms Hollywood. Last year alone, over 1000 films were produced and 4 billion cinema tickets were sold, showing that Indian cinema is far more powerful than people think.
Many likely Bollywood fans are often concerned that they will not be able to understand the language used in the films. But there is no need to worry. Although the scripts have historically been written in Hindi, more and more films use the English language, showing India’s respect for the languages that make up its culture. You will also find that most films come with English language subtitles. The ‘language barrier’ shouldn’t stop a viewer from enjoying some first-class films. So what do you get out of a Bollywood film? It is very difficult to define a film as belonging to a certain category, because there is no such thing as a typical Bollywood film. Indians tend to describe the films by using the Hindustani word, ‘Masala’ (meaning ‘spice mixture’). The plots sometimes focus on the drama of a love triangle, but they can also be packed with laugh-out-loud comedy or edge-of-your-seat action. The only guarantee is that a Bollywood film won’t end without several catchy song and dance routines.
Many Bollywood films are over three hours long. Some people might think that this is too long, but there is a good explanation. You would be forgiven for thinking it’s due to complicated storylines, but the film companies say it’s far simpler than that. They say the aim is not to draw in bigger audiences, but to give you, the audience, your ‘money’s worth’. If you are going to spend good money on a ticket, the film should be exciting, funny, scary, dramatic, musical… Anything you want!
As in Hollywood, there is no shortage of aspiring young actors and actresses hoping to get a role in the next blockbuster. They set off to Mumbai with dreams of becoming stars. Big shot film producers and casting agents are always looking out for new talent. Of course, the vast majority never ‘make it big’, but there are a few exceptions. India has its own Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies – spectacular actors who make up all-star casts and ensure you have a truly enjoyable viewing experience!
Shilpa Shetty is the perfect example of a Bollywood megastar. A picture of beauty and raw acting talent, she has achieved success beyond the borders of India, most notably in the UK following her appearance on the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ TV series. Since then she has turned down roles in several British TV shows. Instead, she has returned to Mumbai and continues to shoot films in the land that made her a star.
Bollywood is not just for the Indian audience. Although it took a long time to become popular in other countries, Bollywood is hugely popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. And although audience numbers in Western Europe and the Americas are only now growing, it has already taken Africa and Asia by storm. As world cinema changes, don’t get left behind. Once you get into Bollywood, you’ll never want to stop watching.