Test 5a

1 detected
2 texture
3 industry
4 intelligence
5 experimenting
6 appearance
7 complimented
8 labels
9 shrink
10 discount

1 false
2 digital
3 health
4 harmful
5 food

1 from
2 into
3 into
4 down
5 away

1 so
2 such a
3 so
4 such
5 such a

1 have referred
2 became
3 had been considered
4 do not break
5 are hired
6 will be
7 getting

1 financial
2 consideration
3 personality
4 certificates
5 qualifications
6 meaningful

1 C
2 A
3 B
4 C
5 C
6 A
7 B

Test 5b

1 F
2 C
3 G
4 D
5 A
6 E

Writing - Part 2
(Suggested Answer)

Crime is a problem in all parts of the world. The solution, for some, is to construct more high-security prisons. Others disagree and say different options must be explored. I believe the answer is in education and community involvement.
Children must be educated about the consequences of their actions. If they are taught early on in their lives that breaking the law results in more than a short sentence and that most criminals become repeat offenders, they will think twice about committing a crime. Schools must show them what lies ahead if they make poor choices. For example, guidance counsellors can talk with students about career opportunities available to them, and also how they diminish once they have a police record. This contrast shows the students the direct impact one bad decision can make.
Schemes must be set up to work with first time offenders who commit less serious crimes so these people don’t turn into repeat offenders. They should take part in community action. A meeting is held with the victims, criminals and members of the community to discuss what was done, and why, as well as the damage it caused. In this way, criminals come to realise the effects their actions have on people from their area. This has been shown to reduce re-offending and it also brings communities closer together.
Others disagree and believe that the solution lies in the construction of new prisons. They believe that prisons are overcrowded as it is and more space is required to hold criminals. Instead of prisoners serving out their sentences, they are released early due to the lack of space. Supporters for new prisons say that the number of criminals is increasing, so we need to have more space to keep up with the rising crime rate. However, I do not agree with this because it does not deal with the causes of the problem.
In conclusion, building new prisons does not reduce crime; it only gives more space to those that commit it. The solution is teaching young people about making the right choices and also working with the community to get more involved. By working together, they can help reduce crime, instead of simply accommodating it.