Word Formation

Complete the gaps with the word derived from the words in bold.
1 She is the most beatutiful woman I've ever seen.

2 Going over the speed limit is dangerous

3 He was very friendly to us and seemed to enjoy our company.

4 Google gained popularity quickly.

5 He found her idea rather confusing

6 The volcanic eruption caused a lot of damage.

7 The performance starts at 6 pm so we'd better hurry.

8 The museum is a popular tourist attraction

9 The guide was very helpful and answered all our questions.

10 He fought hard to stay alive.

11 Some mushrooms can be poisonous so be careful when you pick them.

12 This pie is too salty. I can't eat it.

13 That is too expensive for me to buy.

14 The accident was caused by a careless driver.

15 The crowd sighed with relief when the climber reached the roof.

16 Joan seems unhappy. What's wrong with her?

17 This surface is slippery - you'd better not walk on it.

18 Heights make me feel dizzy.

19 The village is not easily accessible

20 My skin is very sensitive to sun.

21 These shoes are very comfortable.I can wear them all day long.

22 They had a huge argument and haven't spoken since then.

23 He seems to have put on a lot of weight

24 She was happy because she had got a promotion

25 I am sorry I was late for the appointment

26 Come here immediately

27 You shouldn't talk loudly on the phone.

28 I can't stand spicy food.

29 Your behaviour is totally unacceptable.

30 Kelly won a scholarship to Cambridge university.

31 Tina is a relative of mine; she's my cousin.

32 The dandidas is a traditional dance.

33 We were dissatisfied with the service, so we complained to the manager.

34 30% of women snore reqularly

35 It is impolite to point at people. They might get offended.

36 The information was inaccurate and everyone got confused.

37 Most people's reaction to the new measures were positive.

38 They have recently moved to a bigger house.

39 They became suspicious of him when he was caught lying.

40 The blood analysis showed he was innocent.

41 Peter is highly intelligent.

42 His parents were very proud of him.

43 Our neighbourhood has got a lot of beautiful gardens.

44 All people are entitled to freedom of speech.

45 The employees were very satisfied with the bonus they received.

46 Everyone agreed with the solution

47 Petra works as a receptionist

48 He is a very hard-working and enthusiastic person.

49 A firefighter's job is extremely dangerous

50 She joined a conservation group and spent the summer protecting turtles and their eggs.
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