Module 6 Language & Grammar Review

1 Choose the correct answer. (Выберите правильный ответ)
1 The hacker was arrested for downloading computer viruses.
A downloading В spreading C disrupting

2 A Neighbourhood Watch programme has been set up in our area.
A set on В set off C set up

3 We weren't allowed to touch the evidence.
A allowed В allowing C to be allowed

4 The store detective caught the shoplifter as she was leaving the shop.
A detective В guard C lawyer

5 Dan's house was broken into last night.
A is В has been C was

6 The street cameras will record dangerous driving.
A dramatic В dangerous C unfair

7 Ken painted over the graffiti himself
A himself В ourselves C yourself

8 The suspect had his house searched by the police.
A had В did C was

9 Harry made a toast to the couple's future.
A released В traced C made

10 Did you know that Barry had his new car stolen?
A have В has C had

11 The jury hasn't reached a verdict yet.
A verdict В judge C court

12 Sam asked how much damage was caused by the vandals.
A is caused В caused C was caused

13 When the aspirin wore off, my headache came back.
A away В out C off

14 The fire is thought to be an act of arson
A pickpocketing В arson C mugging

15 Hackers exploit weaknesses in computer systems.
A warn В exploit C gain

16 Amy asked if we had spoken to the police yet.
A that В what C if

17 Sarah apologised for breaking my camera.
A by В with C for

18 It is thought the thieves escaped through the window.
A is thinks В is thought C is thinking

19 The burglars were sentenced to two years in prison.
A sent В attended C sentenced

20 The detective worked out who had committed the crime.
A solved В worked C identified

21 Amy told me to lock the back door.
A to lock В for locking C lock

22 Piles of rubbish lined the streets.
A Holes В Piles C Lack

23 Traffic congestion adds to air pollution.
A congestion В disruption C segregation

24 Tony and Sue suggested joining Neighbourhood Watch.
A promised В wanted C suggested

25 Hercule Poirot is a(n) famous fictional detective.
A famous В awarded C inspired

26 The vandals ran away when they saw the police.
A to В out of C away

27 The new Museum will be opened next week.
A was opened В is opened C will be opened

28 Kelly works in the lab as a forensic scientist
A detective В scientist C suspect

29 Agatha Christie was educated at home by tutors.
A educated В trained C informed

30 The city council has built more speed bumps on the roads.
A driving В traffic C speed