Module 1b


a) Match the words to from phrases

1) ghost - F hunting
2) tornado - E chasing
3) robot - G building
4) unusual - H hobby
5) science - A fiction
6) military - B plane
7) metal - C detecting
8) strange - D object

b) Complete the sentences with the phrases from Ex. 1a.
1 Look, there's a(n) strange object in the sky!
2 Charles has a(n) unusual hobby; he likes collecting old bicycles.
3 Mary often goes ghost hunting in haunted houses.
4 That's not a UFO in the sky; it's a military plane
5 Martin sometimes finds valuable jewellery when he goes metal detecting
6 I don't believe in UFOs; they are just science fiction
7 We look for storms, so we can go tornado chasing
8 Janet likes robot building; she uses parts from old televisions to make them.

2 Fill in: investigate, analyse, record, spot, involve in the correct form.
1 UFO hunting involves looking for and proving the existence of UFOs.
2 UFO hunters investigate sightings of UFOs.
3 John hopes to spot a UFO with his new telescope.
4 Use this camcorder to record anything strange you see in the sky.
5 Let's analyse the videos and photos of the sighting to see what it is exactly.

3 Choose the correct preposition.
1 I am fascinated by the idea of ghosts and haunted houses.
2 Carla is curious about robots and how they work.
3 All of the information is on my laptop.
4 Andrew is interested in science fiction.
5 Steve is enthusiastic about finding UFOs.

4 Put the verbs in brackets into present simple or present continuous.
To: Erica
From: Tom
Subject: My new hobby!
Hi Erica!
How 1)are you? I 2) am having a great time at the moment because I've got a new hobby - metal detecting! I 3) belong to a club and we 4) go metal detecting every weekend. We 5) use special equipment that 6) tells us when there is metal under the ground. This Saturday we 7) are going to the beach.
People 8) lose things all the time at the beach so I 9) think we might find something valuable, like some coins or jewellery! 10) Do you want to join us? We 11) are meeting at the library at 9 am. Write back and let me know.

Перевод текста:
Кому: Эрика
От: Том
Тема: Мое новое хобби!
Привет Эрика!
Как жизнь? Я прекрасно провожу время в данный момент, потому что у меня есть новое хобби - поиск металлов! Я принадлежу клубу, и мы идем на поиск металла каждые выходные. Мы используем специальное оборудование, которое говорит нам, когда есть металл под землей. В эту субботу мы идем на пляж.
Люди теряют вещи все время на пляже, таким образом, я думаю, что мы могли бы счесть что-то ценным, как некоторые монеты или драгоценности! Вы хотите присоединиться к нам? Мы встречаемся в библиотеке в 9:00. Напишите в ответ и сообщите мне.

5 Choose the correct verb form.
1 I am see Andy every day at work.
2 Do you smell you smelling something strange?
3 Gary enjoys enjoying rock climbing in his free time.
4 Ellie doesn't feel feeling like going out tonight.
5 I am thinking of becoming a policeman.
6 This soup tastes tasting fantastic. Try some!