Module 1a


a) Match the words to from job titles (Совместите слова с названием должностей).

1 taxi - D driver
2 police - E officer
3 storm - G chaser
4 sales - B assistant
5 camp - A counsellor
6 delivery - H person
7 flight - C attendant
8 secret - F shopper

b) Write a job title from Ex. 1a next to each description (Написать название должности с упражнения 1а рядом с каждым описанием).
This person...
1) supervises children at a camp - camp counsellor
2) makes sure people obey the law - police officer
3) takes things to people's houses - delivery person
4) helps customers when they want to buy something - sales assistant
5) follows tornadoes and photographs them - storm chaser
6) shops in different places to see what the service is like - secret shopper
7) looks after passengers on a plane - flight attendant
8) takes people where they want to go in a car - taxi driver

Fill in: put out, tough, average, busy, deep, part-time, shifts.

1 Smokejumpers have a very tough job; they jump out of planes into burning forests!
2 The average wage of a babysitter in the UK is £4.50 per hour.
3 A freediver takes a deep breath before jumping into the sea.
4 Many students work part-time in the evenings or on weekends to help pay for university.
5 A firefighter's job is very risky because they put out fires.
6 He usually only works four-hour shiftsbecause he's a student.
7 Sara has a very busy life; she doesn't have much free time at all.

Fill in: organised, friendly, creative, caring, polite, patient, brave, honest.

1 A police officer has to be brave, because their job can be dangerous.
2 An interior designer is creative; they develop original ideas for decorating the inside of buildings.
3 A waitress/waiter needs to be honest, because they take a lot of money from customers.
4 A social worker has to be caring; they work with people w ith serious problems.
5 A babysitter needs to be patient; they have to stay calm when the children don't behave.
6 A secretary must be polite, because they speak to a lot of people on the phone.
7 A sales assistant must be friendly; they come into contact w ith a lot of people during the day.
8 A sports coach needs to be organised; they need to plan their training programmes.

Choose a job from Ex. 1a and write few sentences about it.

Police officers have a very challenging job. They detect and prevent crime. They often work long hours. They spend a lot of their time patrolling the streets or dealing with crime. They need to stay calm and be able to deal with the public easily.


Complete the sentences using the correct adverb formed from the adjectives in the list, as in the example.

1 A secretary must check letters and emails carefully for mistakes before sending them.
2 Experienced freedivers can easily hold their breath for a long time.
3 Taxi drivers have to know a city well so they can find people's destinations.
4 The secretary types slowly in order to avoid making mistakes.
5 Security guards often work late at night guarding buildings.
6 Forest fires can start suddenly in very dry areas