Module 9 Grammar practice

1) Поместите существительные в правильный столбец

one (countable) some (uncountable)
banana salt
egg cereal
sausage butter
tomato bread
hamburger rice

2) Заполните пробелы с a few(немного) / a little(маленький)

1 - I'm going to ask Katie for a few tomatoes fo the salad. (Я собираюсь спросить у Кэти немного помидоров для салата.)
2 - The baby has a little milk left in her bottle. (У ребенка осталось мало молока в бутылке.)
3 - Could you put a few nuts in the bowl? (Не могли бы вы положить немного орехов в миску?)
4 - I eat a little meat every day. (Я ем мало мяса каждый день.)
5 - Matthew is buying a few oranges from the fruit section. (Мэтью покупает немного апельсинов из секции фруктов.)

3) Выберите правильный вариант

1) some; 2) a few; 3) some;
4) a little; 5) a lot of; 6) some;
7) any; 8) much; 9) no.
Перед уходом в школу у меня всегда большой завтрак. Я начинаю с небольшого количества апельсинового сока и нескольких тостов. После этого у меня есть миска хлопьев с молоком. Иногда я ем и немного сыра, также. Когда мама делает ей специальные блины, у меня их много с разным сиропом. Я не ем никаких фруктов. Моя старшая сестра всегда кричит на меня, потому что я ем так много еды, но она понятия не имеет, насколько я голоден!

4) Посмотрите на таблицу ниже и заполните колонку о том, что вы едите утром. Затем сделайте предложения, как в примере.

✓✓ - много
✓ - мало, немного
✖ - не ем

5) Обведите правильный пункт.

1 - I've A seen that new action film. (Я видел этот новый боевик.)
2 - They've been B talking all day. (Они говорили весь день.)
3 - She's already A been to my house. (Она уже была в моем доме.)
4 - Have you been A swum today? (Вы плавали сегодня?)

6) Заполните пробелы с помощью времен present perfect simple или present perfect continuous.

1 A: How long is she known him?
B: They have ben friends for a long time.

2 A: Have you found your keys yet?
B: No, I have been looking for them all morning.

3 A: Do you like the musician David Matthews?
B: Yes. I just bought his new CD.

4 A: Why is James angry?
B: He has lost the keys for his house.

5 A: Where have you been?
B: I have been working out in the gym all afternoon.

6 A: Where is Sarah?
B: She has gone to the shops with her mother and sister.

7 A: I have been going to the Greek Islands for years now.
B: You must like going there very much.

7) Переведите на английский.

a) healthy food, low-fat yoghurt, a large bar of milk chocolate, a first aid kit, cold drinks;
b) to order hamburgers takeaway, a T-shirt of a different size, a pair of trainers, a black leather jacket, to take the sandals back to the shop;
c) to have lunch in the school canteen, a jar of honey, to find the gloves of a larger size for the customer, to pack things for camp.

8) Переведите на английский.

1. We have run out of fruit. Go and buy some apples and oranges.
2. For this pie I need some milk and flour, a few eggs and a little salt and sugar.
3. To be healthy you should drink a lot of fresh clean water.
4. My brother has been buying books in this bookshop since his childhood.
5. I like my mother’s present very much. I have always wanted a handbag like this.
6. This blue dress suits you. And it fits. And the shoes match!

9) Переведите на английский.

— Can you help me to buy food for my birthday party?
— With pleasure. Did you write your shopping list yourself?
— No, together with my mum. I only added souvenirs for games and contests.
— Do you need to buy any meat or fish? I don’t know anything about it.
— Don’t worry! This year we decided to have tea. So we’ll buy some chocolates, cookies and fruit.
— What about the cake? I saw candles in the shopping list.
— We’ll buy everything for the cake: some flour, eggs, some sugar, sour ream and nuts. My mum is going to make it herself. I’ll help her.