Найдите в этом тексте предложения в present continuous Shelia - Thanks for inviting me to lunch George - You're welcome. Oh, I love this place Sheila - Me too. Where's the menu? I'm really hungry George- The waiter's bringing it now, look! Waiter- Here you are,sir George-Thank you. Hmm, I want the roast beef. Shelia - Really? But you usually have the spicy grilled chicken George - Well,today I'm trying something else for a change. What about you? Do you want the sirloin steak with creamed mushrooms? You always enjoy that. Shelia - No, I'm having the chef's salad today. I'm on a diet Waiter - Are you ready to order,sir? George - Yes. We'd like the chef's salad and the roast beef,please Waiter- Would you like anything to drink ? George- Can I have a glass of mineral water,please? Shelia- And could I have a cola,please ? Waiter- A glass of mineral water and a cola...Thank you

Решение от Андрей Григорьев
Предложения в present continuous:
  • "I'm really hungry."
  • "The waiter's bringing it now, look!"
  • "Today I'm trying something else for a change."
  • "I'm having the chef's salad today."
  • "I'm on a diet."
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